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World Changers Church Houston

You Shall Not Be Moved
Part 7

October 13, 2019

Romans 8:11

The Holy Spirit dwells in us. We have life, because of the Holy Spirit, in our physical bodies.

The Holy Spirit is not trying to bog us down with a whole new set of rules that we need to live by.

The Holy Spirit was sent to assure us, not to condemn us. Anyone or anything that is not assuring us of our right relationship with God is not of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit is assuring us that we are of them. And if anyone or anything stands before us and says, “I’m of God but I am going to condemn you and make you feel like you are not a part of God, not beloved of God, not a child of God,” that person is deceived or lying – or both – because they are walking, and teaching, under the influence of Satan, whether they know it or not. [42:45]

Admission Number 5: I am a co-heir with Christ and He is the lawful Owner of all things.

Admission Number 6: Jesus is Grace, Truth, He’s the Way and He’s Life, and you have Him in you.

We are made right with God through Jesus, not through any other way.

If we are fully saved, we need to live the full life!

He’s the Door, He’s the Way; if we want to get to God, we have to come through Jesus. That’s the truth, because we’re coming through His blood. If we try to come any other way, then we are showing up without the blood covering on us and when God sees us, He sees “unworthy”. If we come without the blood of Jesus, we show up with all our sin. When we have the blood of Jesus on, our sins are washed, so when God sees us, He sees the blood. The blood was the currency which purchased our freedom.

John 1:1-18

There is no battle between Jesus and the devil. And if we are co-heirs with Christ, there is no battle between us and the devil either. He is already defeated, because the Life, which is the Light, is in us, and the darkness has never overpowered the Light that is on the inside of us. There is no competition between us and the devil. The competition is in our belief and unbelief on this truth. [1:12:25]

If we believe Him, that means we are putting Him as priority. We are putting His truth as the first thing on our minds, when opposition shows up.

We need to believe that grace has provided, and then some.

Grace came through Jesus, not through the Law. We don’t get blessed with the Law; we don’t get blessed through keeping the rules.

Believing in grace is our destination. As we believe in grace, as we trust Him, as we depend on Him, as we rely on him and the unearned, undeserved favor and spiritual blessing He’s provided for us, then we will see manifestation of all that He has distributed to us for our times of need.

God didn’t give just anything; He gave His best. The widow didn’t give just anything; she gave the best. So we need to give our best based on what the Holy Spirit is saying to each of us.

We should give because we trust Him. Because the money is the least thing. It’s in giving Him our everyday living, our thoughts, our hands and our feet. This is not bondage – this is still our choice. We are blessed whether we put a dime in the bucket or not; or whether we volunteer or not – the blessing is already ours. What we have to ask ourselves is – what are we going to do with the blessing? Are we going to love Him enough to serve Him with the blessing He’s provided to us? That’s what a good son does; that what a good daughter does. [1:40:16]

True giving is an act of love, and we have to be mature to act that way.

Points to ponder

  1. Have you ever been judged by someone in church for what you were wearing, what movies you watched, something you ate or drank, or friends that you had? What did they tell you that said about your Christian walk? What would they have you do to be “appropriate”? How did Jesus react to Pharisees who tried to mould people to what they felt was the religious “norm”? (Read Mark 7:6-13) Did they, or your own accusers, act in line with the Holy Spirit?

  2. A popular worldview at the moment is “it doesn’t matter what you believe, so long as you believe hard enough”, and another which says, “It doesn’t matter what religion you follow – all of them lead to God.” What does John 14:6 say about these worldviews?

  1. Who gives more – a person who puts $1 from the last $10 that they have, or someone who tithes $2000 from a $20,000 pay check? Read Mark 12:41-44. When we put in an offering, what is God looking for?


Take-Home Thought: “I’m trying to help you to where you give Him your every day, your everyday living. I’m trying to get you to where you’re giving Him your thoughts, where you’re giving Him your hands and your feet. Because if a dime a dollar is hard, when the rubber meets the road and He tells you to go pray for somebody, or He tells us to do this, that or the other, then guess what? “Nah, I’m too in control, Lord – I can’t do that.” But, man, those who love Him make a practice or a habit of giving.”

Pray: Thank God that when He gave, He gave us everything that He had. Ask the Holy Spirit to create in you a heart that cheerfully gives, and doesn’t hold back. Ask that you would become more generous and forthcoming, not only in finances, but also in time, in encouragement, in mentoring, in sharing the Gospel. Ask Him to put opportunities in your path to bless others as you have been blessed.

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