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World Changers Church Houston

You Shall Not Be Moved
Part 3

September 29, 2019

Romans 4:16

We are studying 10 daily admissions to build our belief in the blessing that we already have. Our confessions or admissions of the truth of God’s Word will not create God’s blessing for our lives. His blessing has already been made available to us by Jesus, Who is grace. [43:01]

The blessings set aside for us are not just for us but for those who need Him. So if they remain unused, it’s not just that we miss out, it’s that those to whom He has called us to miss out as well.

We have access to everything to which Christ has access. We are co-heirs or a joint-heirs, and can withdraw the same power that Jesus was withdrawing when He was on earth.

Confession is the same thing as admission, but we’ve taken “confession” in the body of Christ and tied that so much to performance-based Christianity.

It’s important to speak the Word, not to make something happen – grace made it all happen – but to help the mind stay in the right position, which will affect how we live. It’s important that we admit what’s true based on God’s Word, so that we are reminded and encouraged to lay hold of what grace has already made available.

The blessing is legally ours. Because we are children of God, and because the blood of Jesus has made us righteous, the curse is illegal in our lives. It is not supposed to be there, because Christ has qualified us for the blessing. [55:01]

Admission No 1: Admit to yourself daily that God loves you.

God’s love is for everyone. Because God loves us, we have victory, and were born to win, not to lose. We were born into a dynamic, victorious dynasty. We were also born again to win souls and make disciples. Loss and lack are no longer in us; we have all supply and all provision. Grace found us and grace saved us, according to Ephesians 2:8-9.

Admission No 2: Admit Jesus is the perfect expression of God, Who is love.

Hebrews 1:1-3

Jesus is the perfect expression of God, Who is love, therefore we are a reflection of love, and love never fails.

Admission No 3: Admit Jesus is the perfect expression of God’s love.

Admission No 4: Admit you are free from your old sinful nature because of the finalized works of Jesus.

We see our failures to not do something wrong as a sign that there is still something wrong with us as it relates to God. Because we sinned, we think God is mad at us, or the Holy Spirit is not really living in us, because surely, if we are still doing this thing, He must not be there because we were told He can’t be where sin is. When we were saved as a 3-part being, it was our spirit that was saved. The “old man” died, and the “new man” was born again, united with Christ, sealed by the Holy Spirit. While our spirit is saved, we still have a soul and a body. The soul and the body still need some work! The natural body did not change when we got saved – it was the spirit. And so it is with our minds – the will, the emotions and the feelings; these have to be renewed.

Romans 12:2

When we’re taught the Gospel of grace and the Holy Spirit is the One who is teaching us, He’s transforming us. When we’ve submitted our will to His will, then the Holy Spirit ministers to us and says, “That’s not good for you.”

It’s time for us to realize sin is not an issue; it’s time for us to grow up. Only the mature believers are going to be able to constantly, consistently hear the voice of God, also known as the Holy Spirit, and follow Him. To do what God has called us to do requires the ability to hear the Holy Spirit.

Colossians 2:13-23

We rose when Christ rose, and that takes effect in our lives when we believe. He embarrassed every devil, every demon, everything that was talking against us and that wanted to come against us. He’s already taken them down and He’s shamed them. There’s nothing left for us to do; vengeance was His and it’s done – we’re good to go because of what Jesus did on the cross. We have to make a choice that we are going to admit and confess that all is well in our lives because of Jesus.

All that devotion, all that law isn’t helping us in any way, shape, form or fashion because only Jesus can help us. Only God can transform us. Only grace can save us. And the answer today is understanding we are free from that sinful nature because of what grace has already finished concerning our lives. [1:43:13]

Points to ponder

  1. Question 1: What do you think of when you hear the word “confession”? How does substituting the word “admission” change your view on this, if at all?

  2. Question 2: Think of some of the things that are frowned upon or that others said it was “unchristian” to do once you were saved, or what is expected of you, now that you are saved. What does the Bible say on these things? Are the impositions placed Scriptural or man-made legislation? What does the Holy Spirit guide you to do on these things? Is it a blanket rule for everyone, or will some be guided differently?

  3. Question 3: What effects do the words that we speak have on our lives? Do you see a difference between those who speak negatively and those who try only to speak positively? What physical effect can complaining have on a person and those around them? What physical effect can speaking words of blessing and love have on your life and those around you?

Take-Home Thought: We have to start rightly dividing the Word so we don’t create more rules that put us in more bondage … Some of us like the comfort of grade school and high school and middle school. Some of us like being under the tutor of the Law. Some of us like having the rules because they provide us with boundaries, and we grow faith in the boundaries instead of having faith in God.”

Pray: Thank God for the completed work of the cross and that all is well in our lives as a result of His wonderful grace. Ask the Holy Spirit to change our hearts and change our language to words of confession or admission, to strengthen our faith and belief in His perfect love for us.

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