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World Changers Church Houston

You Shall Not Be Moved
Part 4

October 6, 2019

Colossians 3: 13-16

Some of us are so focused on keeping the rules that we’re missing the relationship with God.

In Old Testament times there were all the laws that people had to try and keep; however, now we follow the Holy Spirit. But the interesting thing about following the Holy Spirit is that we have to have a full-blown relationship with Him to be able to hear Him, and a relationship requires work. We would rather work to try to keep a set of rules because that’s easier. But actually we are in a good marriage with the Holy Ghost, and He has no problem communicating with us just the way we need to hear Him. But because most of us have not really experienced a true, good relationship here on earth, we don’t know what to expect.

We have a relationship with our Father (be it a new one or one that’s very mature) Who loves us, Who is daily, hourly, minute by minute giving us direction, and that direction will lead us to victory every step of the way. [1:14:25]

As our relationship with Him develops we will see the activity of sin decrease in your life.

Romans 12:2

When we change, our whole perception changes. When we change, we don’t see what we used to see, because we have repositioned ourselves, and when we change the way we think, God repositions the way our minds are believing.

God doesn’t change what we do, He changes how we think, and how we think is then what we do. Our Creator has taken on that responsibility; all we need to do is release, or submit, ourselves to Him.

2 Corinthians 3:18

The veil is the old way of thinking, the old sin nature, the thing that was blinding us from the truth of God – the Bible says it’s been removed. Now what we have to be careful of is a false veil being put back over our eyes, making us think that we’re still sinners. The veil has been removed, there is no separation between us and God anymore; we are free. [1:23:56]

2 Corinthians 4:16

God is at work on us every single day.

Colossians 3:9-10

Because of what grace did for us, sin has been stripped off of our lives. Now we must believe it so that it can manifest throughout our lives.

Christ took off our old nature – He took it for us, but we have to choose to put on the new nature. Christ gave it to us, and we now need to put it on.

As we continue in the process of learning to know our Creator, we will continue in the process of becoming like Him.

John 16:13

Now that the Holy Spirit is here, He is our Guide and He will not guide us to lies or to sin; He will only guide us to truth, and not just any truth – all truth. The only words coming from Him are words straight from God. We can fully trust the Holy Spirit. [1:31:23]

Romans 5:5

The act of giving us the Holy Spirit is every bit as life changing for us as the act of giving us Jesus.

We are Christians, full of love, full of the Holy Ghost and when opportunities to supernaturally love come in front of us, we will govern and rule the way Christ did. We will lay down our lives, our feelings and emotions. We will sacrifice ourselves for those that would rather kill us, just so that they might be saved. We’re no longer sinners; we’re united with the Savior. And we are well able and well equipped to share His love with everyone.

Points to ponder

  1. When King George VI died, his daughter received his crown. What did this signify in her life? Has her title changed back to what it was before? Could she ever go back to being a princess? Could she have made the transition if she had refused to wear the crown and stubbornly held on to her tiara? Now think of your salvation: is God able to transform our minds if we stubbornly hold on to the “old self”? What happens to the “old self” when we are saved? What is the new title that we have been given?

Take-Home Thought: “When I believe what God’s Word says, I can’t help but to talk about it. I don’t confess the Word of God so that it will happen; I confess the Word of God because it’s happening. I’m only saying what I see.”

Pray: Thank God He is transforming you daily, maturing you to be more like Him every minute of every day. Thank Him that through grace, the Holy Spirit now lives in you. Determine in your heart to no longer regard the “old man” but to put on the “new man” always, to believe the Holy Spirit lives inside of you, and entrust all the guidance of your life from here on in into His care.

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